There are plenty of options available for prospective homeowners in the real estate market which is constituted of homes and properties of different kinds and sizes to suit the different lifestyles of buyers.  The condo is one of the options available for those seeking a home. It presents itself as a solid alternative for those who want a place of their own but cannot afford a house or simply lack interest in owning one. 

If you find yourself in these shoes then the condo might just be right for you, but before you go searching for a condo it is best that you know what exactly a condo is.

What is a Condo?

A condominium can be defined as a large property complex which is divided into individual units and sold. This basically means that by owning a condo, you share ownership of certain areas of the condo with other condo residents while having full private ownership to a designated section of the building which is basically your residence.

Now that we know what a condo is, here are 6 reasons why you should get a condo.


One of the reasons why buying a condo is perfect for you is Money. Condos stand as great alternatives in a market where price is constantly rising. Condo prices grow at a slower pace than single-family apartments.


One advantage of owning a condo is that it grants you access to amenities that you might not usually be able to afford. Amenities such as swimming pools, fitness facilities and in some cases golf courses are usually available for condo residents.


Waking up to the sight of a beautiful lake view with the sun’s golden light flooding in through your windows has been sold as the perfect way to rise in the movies and frankly speaking it is a great way to wake up. However, it seems like it is a dream that can only be afforded by billionaires. Well, that's not entirely true, by owning a condo you can get the perfect dawn and wake like a movie star. The best part is you don't have to empty your savings for it.


The nature of Condo ownership makes it a great space for social interaction. By owning a condo you get to share various amenities and facilities with other condo residents which is a great way to meet new people, make new friends and create long lasting relationships and friendships.


Living in a condo comes with a few perks and one of them is extra security. Locked front entrances, vigilant neighbours coupled with the usual security features would prove a real difficulty for any suspicious individual to go around unnoticed.


The best part of living in a condo is that you get to share the cost of maintenance with other condo residents. This maintenance does not include the cost of maintaining common facilities and grounds on the condo premises. You get to enjoy all that for free.


Having seen the benefits of owning a condo, it is hard not put it into consideration if you are planning to get a place of your own.

If you are interested in buying a condo in Ottawa and require more information on how to do so, you should check the article I wrote on the topic or even better you could set up an appointment with us so we can talk more.