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Avoid These 9 Mistakes Most Home Sellers Make

Blog by Nick Labrosse | August 13th, 2020

Avoiding making these 9 common mistakes may help put more money in your pocket and save you lots of time and stress. Like any other venture, you need a plan to ensure success. 

  1. Failing to realize why you are selling: What is the goal of this move and what strategy is best to ensure a smooth process in order to avoid being stuck with 2 homes.
  2. Not preparing your home to attract buyers: The photos online are the first showing with the buyers, the second showing is the actual visit. Leave a good impression with the buyer to ensure their decision of moving forward with an offer. Ensure everything is tidy and clean.
  3. Over pricing: Having an over priced listing only help you sell your neighbours home. Do your research, adjust if needed. Figure out the average days on market in your area, this will give you a good guideline as to where you sit compared to the other homes in the area.
  4. Over selling: Let the property speaks for itself, don’t try to over sell to the prospect, it may turn them off. Be knowledgable when answering their questions, do your homework.
  5. Not adapting to market conditions: The real estate market is ever evolving on a daily basis, stay on top of it, stay informed.
  6. Buyer can’t find the information they want: Make the information available to all prospects, the last thing they want is to call a phone tree to be past from person to person. The faster the prospect has the information, the quicker the decision. Don’t risk them getting improper information.
  7. Not getting pre-approved: The single biggest mistake, the purchase of your next property is dependant on it. Contact your mortgage agent before signing on the doted line.
  8. Not doing a pre-inspection: Find out if your home has issues before the buyer does. Fix them right away to avoid having to renegotiate your price after the inspection. This could cost you several hundreds of thousands and plenty of time.
  9. Failing to abide by the contract: Some agreements of purchase of sale include clauses with need to be respected by both parties. Failing to complete items requested by the buyer may cause money being held back on closing. Stay organized and on top of it, don’t wait till the last minute.