Ottawa Staging: 5 Top Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Property Faster

Did you know that home staging can help you get 20% more money when you sell your Ottawa home? A proper presentation of your home can attract the right customers; you can sell faster and for the top dollar. But how can you stage your home properly? This article will discuss all the details of it. 

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What Is Home Staging Anyway?

Staging is the process of getting a house ready for a possible buyer, or “setting the stage.” It means redecorating, rearranging furniture, cleaning, and using other techniques to make the house look its best. The goal is to make the house look as good as possible so more and more people will want to buy it.

Benefits Of Home Staging

1. Better Selling Price

Do you know that home-staged houses sell on average $40,000 over the list price and 9 days faster? Why do the home buyers bid and accept negotiations above the market value on home-staged houses? It is because first impressions are crucial and home staging helps to create a great first impression. Prospective buyers only need seven seconds to assess whether or not they like your home or not. Professional home staging allows you to grab the attention of prospective buyers in those first seven seconds and negotiate for a better selling price. 

Better Selling Price

2. Highlights the Positive Aspects and Distracts from the Negative

Like every other house, your property has some strengths and some weaknesses. Professional home staging can highlight the positive aspects and distracts from the negative aspects. This way, the eyes of the potential customers will be drawn towards the aspects which can help you get the top dollar. 

This might not be very easy if you have lived in your home for several years. You might fail to see the scuff marks on the wall or the peeling paint from the corner of the window, but your prospective buyers will see it for sure. 

Highlights the Positive Aspects and Distracts from the Negative

3. A Great Online Presence

We mentioned earlier that your prospective buyers need only seven seconds to decide if they want to buy a house or not. This seven-second rule applies to viewing online photographs of your home as well. If your prospective buyers are seeing your listing online, the photographs of a home staged house can make or break the deal. 

A professional photographer can also play a great role in creating a great listing yet he can only capture what is in front of him. Home staging can enhance your listings, increase views and result in a better deal. 

A Great Online Presence

4. It Sparks An Image Of A Lifestyle

When people want to buy a house, they are not just buying a structure, they dream of a life in that house. Home staging enables your prospective buyers to visualize life in that house. Those pink velvet seats and a white and gold buffet adorned with ornaments in the living room create a vivid picture of life in that house in the mind of the buyers. When your potential buyers look at those rooms, you want them to say, “I will have family dinners there,” or “I will watch TV there.” 

Similarly, if you place an elegant dining table, nicely made beds and a welcoming seating arrangement, it will help prospective buyers imagine what they will do with the space and whether they will like it or not. 

It Sparks An Image Of A Lifestyle

5. Initial Impression Is Crucial

Everyone has heard the expression “you never get a second chance to create a first impression.” The same approach applies to the presentation of your home for sale. Prospective buyers only need SEVEN SECONDS to assess whether or not they like your home. From the minute they enter, the sensation of having found their dream home is either present or absent. And when this feeling combines with other intense emotions, the game is over. Professional Home-Staging experts are experts at maximizing the “WOW Effect” by strategically arranging furniture and accessories.

Initial Impression Is Crucial

6. Buyers Can Understand The Size Of Rooms And The Floor Plan

Some people think that if the rooms are empty, buyers can accurately measure the size of the area. The reality is quite the opposite. Furnishing a room with necessary furniture can demonstrate better how spacious a room is. 

A prospective buyer will be able to see if the living room can accommodate a two-seater sofa or a three-seater sofa and the bedroom should have a king-size or a queen-size bed.   

Similarly, some houses have complex layouts like vaulted ceilings, curving walls or triangular rooms. Home staging can help prospective buyers see the practical use of an area. 

Buyers Can Understand The Size Of Rooms And The Floor Plan

7. It Helps You To Stand Out

Your potential home buyers will probably be looking at many residences before deciding on one. Home staging can help in distinguishing your property from others and make it look better. In today’s competitive real estate market, if you are ignoring home staging, you are probably helping your competitors. 

It Helps You To Stand Out
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How To Home Stage?

There are three ways of doing home staging:

1. DIY

If you are confident in your ability to design and exhibit, DIY is a great option. You can also be saving a lot of money. Consider repainting walls and doors, rearranging furniture and eliminating personal photos or decor for great output. 

2. Ask For Assistance/recommendation From Your Real Estate Agen

Sometimes, real estate agents can assist their clients in preparing and staging the home before shooting, listing or marketing it. While some sellers offer advice on how sellers should sell homes, others can actively participate in the process. Sometimes, real estate agents can lend a collection of decorative objects to brighten up your home.    

3. Hire A Professional Home Stager

If you desire a less hands-on approach to arranging your house, you can hire one of the home staging services in the Ottawa area. These professionals typically have interior design, architecture, or even real estate expertise that can work to your advantage.

Tips For Ottawa Home Staging

1. Redo Your Floor

Start with small renovations like redoing your floor. Your floor can create a lasting impression in the minds of your buyers. It is a good idea to refresh your floor with a fresh layer of paint. You can also install a new hardwood floor to make your room fresh, but it might be a little expensive. High gloss paint is not only inexpensive but also sophisticated and stylish. 

Redo Your Floor

2. Installing Mirrors On The Walls

It is a good idea to cover a wall in the living room with mirrors. They make the room appear larger and add depth and brightness. Light and brightness are the major selling points for apartments and mirrors can help to achieve the desired effects. 

Installing Mirrors On The Walls

3. Reduce Furniture In Living Rooms

If your living room has too many tables and chairs, it is a good idea to reduce clutter. Consider selling or storing your living room furniture. Too big furniture makes the room appear smaller. Similarly, if the furniture is too small, it makes the room appear unattractive. It is also a good idea to clean the furniture for an improved look. 

Reduce Furniture In Living Rooms

4. Create a Minimalistic kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It should appear decluttered and spacious. Remove everything from countertops and the dining table such as food and appliances. It is a good idea to display a bowl of fresh fruit in one corner. Rubbing lemon inside the sink can also make your kitchen smell lovely. 

Create a Minimalistic kitchen

5. Depersonalize Your Home

Remove your family photographs or children’s artwork from your home. These personalized items will not play a role in helping the potential buyer visualize the place as their own. Instead use coffee table literature, candles or landscape photos on your side tables.

Depersonalize Your Home


If you want to sell your property for a greater price, staging is a worthwhile investment. You can also sell your property faster with good home staging. These suggestions on home staging can help you prepare for the selling process. Contact us when you’re ready to sell, and we’ll help you locate the ideal buyer.


Most professional home stagers will bring in their furniture and decorations. Sometimes, homeowners have their furniture and decorations and they want to reuse them. If the existing furniture is not in a good shape, it is best to clean up or make things less personal. 

Some of the home staging services offer their inventory for rent. This includes things like furniture and decorations. You can also choose to rent if you like. 

Virtual home staging is a great option, especially in the post-pandemic era. It is a great way of reaching out to more people. However, make sure you hire a professional photographer for an increased number of listings. 

Yes, that is the short answer. Staging your home makes it more appealing to as many Ottawa homebuyers as possible, so it will get more attention. If more people see your house, you’ll have more showings. More showings mean more offers. If you have more offers, you’ll make more money.

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