Top 10 Home Inspection Issues in Ottawa and the Best Ways to Prevent Them

Common Home Inspection Issues in Ottawa - Your home is often your biggest investment. You may be thinking that you can just hire a professional to inspect it for you, but there are many reasons why you should consider becoming your own inspector first.
Not only will it help you save on fees, but it can also give you peace of mind on what the condition of your home really is. This post will go over some common home inspection problems in Ottawa and how to avoid them.

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Why you should do your own inspection?

The most common reason to do your own home inspection is that you’re worried about the condition of your home.

It’s important to know what exactly the condition of your home is so that you don’t have to worry about surprises down the line. Inspecting your own house can help you find any potential problems, which could save you time and money in repairs.

Another reason people might do their own inspections is that they want to be able to work out a fair price with an inspector. If you’re not comfortable negotiating on the spot, doing an inspection yourself will give you a better idea of how much it’ll cost.

But even if you just think that working with an inspector sounds more convenient, this may not always be true. They may charge more than what it would cost for some simple tasks like checking for termites or painting—which could end up costing you more in the long run!

home inspection issues in Ottawa

1. Common home inspection issues in Ottawa

One of the most common home inspection issues in Ottawa is called “rot.” This occurs when water penetrates into the property, causing damage to the foundation. This issue can occur if you have an uneven grade or if your home is near a waterway.

Similarly, some parts of your home may be hidden behind walls, which makes it difficult to access the property. This can make knowing what’s going on inside of your home difficult, but there are ways to detect this problem with a professional inspection.

In addition, if the roofs are not properly maintained, dry rot can happen. An inspector will be able to help you spot these problems before they become more severe.

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2. What to look for on the outside

Moisture is one of the common home inspection issues in Ottawa. Look for its signs on the walls and roof of your home.

Moisture is often a sign of water damage, which can be costly to fix. For example, if there are signs of mould or water damage in your roof, you’ll need to take immediate action by contacting a professional.

If there are any inconsistencies in your gutters, look for loose tiles or missing ones that could lead to leakage when it rains. It’s important to make sure you have everything in order before it gets too late.

Finally, make sure all the exterior doors are in good shape and check if they’re secure when they’re closed.

3. What to look for on the inside

Structural integrity is another one of the most common home inspection issues in Ottawa. 

 This means that your home is built well enough that it will remain to stand and avoid falling apart. The best way to observe structural integrity is by checking for cracks, bulges, deformities, and evidence of water damage.

Some other common home inspection issues in Ottawa are related to the pest infestation. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and termites all thrive in warm environments like your home. They may leave droppings or chew on wires or insulation which can cause serious electrical problems in your home.

And finally, be sure to check for fire hazards like actual fires (yes they do happen), faulty wiring (definitely possible), missing smoke detectors (yes they do too), or broken sprinklers (definitely possible).

4. HVAC and Electrical

If you’re thinking about hiring an inspector to look at your home’s HVAC or electrical system, then the best thing you can do is ask your landlord for evidence that the system has been inspected.

The problem with this approach? Not all landlords keep records of their inspections. Some landlords may not even know how often they should be inspecting their HVAC or electrical systems!

To avoid potential home inspection issue in Ottawa like these, it’s best to check your landlord’s policies and make sure that they are keeping records of their inspections.

 Without any proof of inspections, it can be difficult to prove whether there are any problems in the future.

home inspection issues in Ottawa

5. Plumbing and Water Heater Systems

The first thing you need to know is that a home inspector will not be able to tell you whether your water heater is working correctly. The inspector cannot detect a leak, so it’s important to have a professional check the system.

There are two main problems that could be causing your water heater to leak: the pressure relief valve or the temperature relief valve.

To avoid this problem, always have your water heater serviced every three years. If you’re unsure about when they last had their work done, ask them when they last had their annual inspection done.

If you find out that they didn’t have their annual inspection done in time, contact one of our Ottawa inspectors today!

Plumbing and Water Heater Systems

6. Structural Systems

Fault in the structural systems is one of the common home inspection issues in Ottawa. 

Inspecting the structural systems of your home is a good idea because it can help you ensure that your home is safe. The different parts of the physical structure of a building are important, and they have to be inspected from time to time to make sure they’re working properly. 

A few common problems with structural systems include:

-Roof leaks


-Sidewall cracks

-Foundations issues

Structural Systems
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7. Roofing, Siding, Windows and Doors

Some of the most common home inspection issues in Ottawa are related to  roofing and siding. Many people think that the inspector only checks for leaks, but they should also check the structural integrity of the roof, which includes checking for any cracks or other damage.

When you’re hiring a professional inspector to inspect your home, they’ll often come out with a list of items that need to be fixed. Try to avoid these issues by taking care of them yourself before you hire an inspector.

If you own a house in Ottawa, make sure to hire an experienced and reputable professional certified in home inspections. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Roofing Siding Windows and Doors​

8. Exterior Property Maintenance Issues

Your roof is one of the most important investments in your home. If you’re not sure that it’s in good shape, you should always call a professional inspector. They’ll be able to tell you if the roof needs replacing or repairing.

Similarly, you should inspect your gutters to ensure they’re still in good condition and don’t need replacing. You can also look under the eaves for any signs of rotting wood or damage.

Exterior Property Maintenance Issues​

9. Interior Property Maintenance Issues

One of the most common home inspection issues in Ottawa is with interior property maintenance. Whether it be with the stove, refrigerator, or even with the walls, there are many things that can go wrong behind closed doors.

– The oven door won’t close properly.

– There are leaks above your refrigerator.

– Your kitchen floor is rotting out.

– Walls are not insulated to the proper level for your area.

This would be a simple issue to fix if you were able to inspect your own home first. It’s best to call in an inspector when something is amiss and you’re not sure what exactly is going on with your property. 

This way, you’ll know what needs to be fixed before you invest any more money into it.

Interior Property Maintenance Issues​

10. Safety Concerns

If you’re interested in hiring a home inspector, there are some common safety concerns to look out for. Some of the common home inspection issues in Ottawa are termites and Radon gas. 

Termites eat wood and if they get into your home, it can cause major damage. In particular, you want to make sure that the termite company you hire has a good record of treating homeowners with treated-wood products.

Similarly, Radon gas is a radioactive gas released from the ground and if it gets into your home’s foundation, it can seep through walls and flooring. It’s also a carcinogen that can cause lung cancer. 

To avoid radon gas, just have your foundation inspected regularly by a professional who knows how to spot signs of radon gas through test results or through other means.

Safety Concerns​

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