Understanding the Cost of Living in Orleans: An In-Depth Analysis

Did you know that the cost of living in Orleans is an impressive 23% lower than the average in Ottawa? Orleans is heaven for people who are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on the amenities of a big city. Our real estate experts extensively researched the cost of living in Orleans, pulling data from trusted websites, online forums, interviews, and grocery stores. This guide will break down these costs and give expert tips on saving money while living in Orleans, Ottawa. 

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What is the Cost Of Living?

First thing first, let’s discuss what exactly is the cost of living. The cost of living is the amount a person needs to spend on basic expenses such as food, housing, utilities, healthcare, and transportation. The cost of living and wages are directly proportional to each other. If the cost of living in a particular city increases, the salaries must also be raised to bear that cost so that it becomes affordable for those living there.

Orleans Living Expenses: Breakdown of Costs

Orleans is Ottawa’s fastest-growing suburban district, with a total population of 125,937 people. It is generally considered a relatively inexpensive district in Ottawa. Known for its large French-speaking population, Orleans is an affordable Ottawa suburb that has continued to grow since the 1970s.¬†

1. Cost of Housing in Orleans

When we look at the cost of housing in Orleans, multiple factors play an essential role in the housing cost. These include the type of property (ownership or house on rent), size, and location of the house. Let’s have an overview of the housing costs in Orleans.


In Orleans, if you are looking for an apartment with a single bedroom, you must remember that the average rent would range from $1,200 to $1,600 per month. Depending on the location and amenities, the rent of a two-bedroom apartment would vary from $1500‚ÄĒ$2000. The rent of a single-family home depends on the area, locality, size, and amenities. The approximate cost of any such house in Orleans would range from $2500 to $3500 monthly. A single-family home in Orleans roughly costs around $500,000.

Type of Property Monthly Rent
Single Bedroom$1200-$1600
Double Bedroom$1500-$2000
Single Family Home$2500-$3500

Cost of Buying a Home in Orleans

A single-family home in Orleans roughly costs around $500,000. These prices vary according to individual property characteristics and are very much dependent on the current market conditions. It is always advisable to consult a professional real estate agent with up-to-date, accurate information about online listings and housing costs in Orleans.

According to recent estimates in the housing market, the estimated price of a freehold house is $682,102. These include all types of detached and semi-detached houses and townhomes. The Condos, apartments, stacked condos, and row units cost roughly $434,409.

The table below shows the average price of different types of homes in Orleans, including stacked condos, apartments, condominium townhomes, bungalows, detached homes, and residential townhomes.

Type of Home in OrleansCost of Buying a Home in Orleans
Apartment or Stacked Condo$406, 697
Condominium Townhome$473,667
Residential Townhome$597,643
Detached Single Family$760,149


2. Cost of Transportation in Orleans

The individual use and the mode of transportation the person adopts determines the cost of transportation. In Orleans, there are different means of transportation. These involve public transport services offered by OC Transpo. Some people use their cars for commuting, and others prefer the most cost-effective mode of transportation, which requires cycling and walking. 

Let’s have a look at the different types of transportation and their costs in Orleans.¬†

Cost of Public Transportation

OC Transpo provides bus services in Orleans at very economical rates. The adults can benefit from this ride every month at a very minimal cost of $125.50. The per-ride cost for adults in the OC Transpo bus service is $3.70. The company offers special discounted fares for children ages 12 and under, senior citizens, students, and the community. Moreover, if the people living in Orleans want a further cost reduction, they can always avail of the monthly passes and Presto Cards of the OC Transpo. The tables below give an overview of the cost of the OC Transpo bus per ride. The second table shows the monthly cost of the OC Transpo bus service.

Per Ride

RiderPresto, Parapay and Credit/DebitCash
Adult and Youth$3.70$3.75
Child (ages 12 and under)No chargeNo charge

Per Month

RiderPresto and ParaPay
Adult ages 20+$125.50
Youth ages 19 and under$96.75
Senior ages 65+$47.75

Cost of Owning a Car

Certain costs come with car ownership. These include car insurance, parking fee, and the cost of gas.

Cost of Gasoline

The average rate of gasoline in Orleans is quite similar to that of Ottawa. Although the prices fluctuate, roughly you have to spend $1.30 to $1.40 per litre of gasoline to fuel your car. 

Cost of Vehicle Insurance

Insurance costs vary according to certain factors. These include the vehicle model and type, driving history, and coverage. If you want to know the exact cost, get an accurate estimate from your insurance company.

Cost of Vehicle Maintenance

The maintenance costs depend on the vehicle’s age, model, and usage. You might need different types of services, which include daily repairs, tire rotation, and oil changes. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is a must thing to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Cost-Effective Transportation

If you are a cyclist or want to use a cycle for commuting, then you just have to bear the cost of a bicycle which is approximately $798. Don’t forget to buy a helmet and all the necessary protective gear.¬†

The important thing to keep in mind is that all the costs mentioned above are approximate. They constantly change with the changing fuel prices and insurance rates. You must consult the dedicated transportation authorities in Orleans and get all the important updates and accurate information.

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3. Cost of Food and Grocery in Orleans

The average cost of food and grocery items for a single person range somewhere from $250 to $350 monthly. On a daily basis, the minimum cost of food and grocery is approximately $15.24.

Let’s have a look at the cost of some grocery items in Orleans, Ottawa.

Type of GroceryCost In Orleans
Milk Regular, 1 litre$3.62
Loaf of fresh white bread 500 g$2.96
Rice 1 kg$4.42
Eggs (12)$$4.12
Chicken fillets 1 kg$15.39
Beef round 1 kg$16.93
Apples 1 kg$4.85
Oranges 1 kg$3.87
Tomato 1 kg$4.53
Potato 1 kg$2.61


4. Cost of the Utilities in Orleans

Utilities include all the basic facilities which provide you comfort in your home. For example water, electricity, gas, internet connection etc. The cost of utilities in Orleans is quite similar to the cost of utilities in downtown Ottawa. The cost of utilities for two adults is around $127 per month. For a home with two adults and two children, the monthly cost of utilities, including electricity charges, heating and cooling charges, water, garbage and internet facility, is $277. 

According to Hydro Ottawa, people living in Orleans spend $100 to $150 per month on energy. The electricity rate in Orleans and all of Ontario is 12.5$/kWh, so if a household averagely consumes 1000kWh, the electric bill will be approximately $125 per month. The natural gas bill for a family of four would be approximately $90 per month.


5. Cost of Healthcare in Orleans

Healthcare is financed by the government in Orleans, Ottawa. If you want some additional healthcare services, you can always consider other health insurance programs. The Ontario health insurance plan is valid for all the people living in Ontario, which also includes the people of Orleans.

If the people living in Orleans want to avail the provincial health insurance program, they must always have their provincial cards to avail of the free services at the hospital. Some of the hospital facilities are not covered by the free healthcare program in Orleans. Here is an overview of the cost of all such healthcare services in Orleans:

  • The people can avail of the facility of a standard ward room in the hospital free of cost but have to pay the cost of private rooms ($ 300 per day) and semi-private rooms ($250 per day)
  • There is a cost for all kinds of ambulatory aids, such as crutches, canes and walkers.
  • Ambulance service costs $45 for all patients who have Ontario provincial health insurance plans. The rest have to pay $240 for an ambulance.
  • There is also a cost for all types of caretakers and nurses hired by the family for the patients. Moreover, the patient has to bear the cost of all other healthcare services which are not part of insurance plans.

6. Cost of Entertainment in Orleans

Entertainment encompasses all kinds of fun activities in Orleans. Fine dining at restaurants, watching movies in the theatre, and other recreational activities make life interesting and entertaining for people living in Orleans. The average cost of dining and movie screening is $15 to $50 per person. The type of activity and the venue also plays an important role in determining the cost. Let’s have a look at some of the cuisines in Orleans and their costs:


If you are a shopaholic, then Orleans has branches of some of the best national and international brands. In Orleans Place, d’Orléans Shopping Centre is a great place for shopping and entertainment. You can know about the actual cost of a certain product from the website.

7. Average Cost of Event and Festival Tickets in Orleans

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Comparison of the Cost of Living In Orleans With Downtown Ottawa

Comparison of the Cost of Living In Orleans With Downtown Ottawa

This section will list the cost of living in Orleans, Ottawa, for a single person. We will also compare these costs with the cost of living in Downtown Ottawa. These numbers have been taken from Numbeo and can vary according to different lifestyles.


Expense CategoryOrleans, OttawaDowntown, Ottawa
Housing (Rent, I BR)$1200-$1600$1500-$2500
Dining & entertainment$40-$60$50-$80
HealthcareVaries (publically funded)Varies (publically funded)
Total Monthly Cost$1790-$2680$2250-$3580


Downtown Ottawa Vs. Orleans Cost Comparison Notes

Housing costs in Downtown Ottawa are generally higher than in Orleans. Similarly, dining and entertainment costs and transportation costs are slightly higher too. On the other hand, the cost of utilities, groceries and miscellaneous costs are almost similar in the two suburbs. This comparison points out that the cost of living in Orleans is relatively affordable compared to Downtown Ottawa.

Tips For Affordable Living In Orleans, Ottawa

1. Replace Gym Subscription With Outdoor Exercise

You may love your gym, but when it comes to your financial fitness, you should cancel your subscription. Don‚Äôt worry‚ÄĒyou can still get your sweat on without paying those crazy gym prices. You can replace your gym routine with walking, running, biking or swimming.

2. Avoid Buying Fast Food

Not only is fast food expensive, but it also harms your health. Say goodbye to Wendy’s and Gabriel’s pizza. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. 

3. Minimize Subscription of Entertainment Applications and Devices

 Entertainment applications like Netflix, Roblox, or Xbox are expensive. On average, each Canadian family has at least one streaming subscription. On-demand streaming services can sometimes be cheaper, but having multiple accounts can result in you paying a lot per month. You can save money by limiting your monthly subscriptions.  

4. Get Rid Of Your Car

Car loans, insurance, gas, and maintenance cost a lot. If you are walking/biking more without a car, it keeps you fit and saves you money too. Choose from one of the following options to save money on commuting to work:   

  • Use public transport.¬†
  • Use carpool. It allows you to share a ride with the people who work close to your workplace. Joining a carpool can provide a number of benefits, from reducing costs to qualifying for a better parking spot. Passengers also benefit by having extra time to eat, read, sleep or socialize, all without the stress of driving in rush-hour traffic.
  • Try walking or biking to work.¬†

5. Choose an Inexpensive Grocery Store

If you shop at Loblaws, stop. Consider switching to some of the discount grocery stores. Farm Boy and Loblaws are all stores with high markups on their prices. We do not recommend takeout or frozen dinners as they are not healthy. 

A good basic cooking class may help you considerably over the long term if you or your partner can fit it in. Cooking from scratch is not only healthier (make up for the loss of the gym!), it can also be considerably cheaper if shopped right. 

6. Find Out Discounted Deals

Some of the stores that offer good discounts on groceries are: 

  • FoodBasics¬†
  • Freshco
  • Walmart
  • Giant Tiger¬†

Use the Flipp app on your phone to check where items you need are on sale. You can save favourites for stuff you buy often, so it will be easy to find them. 


If you wish to relocate in 2023, Orleans is a great place to settle. The cost of housing, transportation, utilities, health care, and entertainment all are very affordable.

Are you looking for a new home in Orleans? Book a consultation with an expert realtor today.  


If we calculate the Orleans living expenses for an individual, it would be approximately $1790. If a person plans to save money or enjoy some luxuries, then the estimated monthly living cost would be between $2500 to $3000 for a single person.

Ontario is a great place for immigrants to settle. The second most popular province for newly immigrated people is British Columbia. It is considered an ideal place for all those immigrants who love mild temperatures and outdoor adventures. Vancouver is the most popular city in this province.

If we look at the average annual salary that is considered good in Canada, it is approximately $22.97 per hour or $44,801 per year. All the people in Canada who start working at entry-level positions earn $33,836 annually, while experienced workers earn up to $93,491 per year. 

It is the fastest-growing suburban district of Ottawa, having a very friendly environment. This place is well known for its French-speaking population. Orleans has two secondary schools and about 7-grade schools, which are mostly francophone. These schools serve the community in Orleans. An in-depth analysis of Orlean’s cost comparison with other cities reveals that it is one of the most inexpensive cities to live in Ottawa.¬†¬†¬†

Orleans is located along the Ottawa River on the eastern end of the city. From the downtown core Orleans is approximately a 16 km distance. This suburb is 26 km from the Ottawa International Airport and a 10-minute drive from Highway 417.

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