8 Best Elementary Schools in Ottawa in 2023

Buyers' and Renters' Guide to Public and Private Elementary Schools in Ottawa

Do you know that 84% of Canadian parents want to check out the schools in the neighbourhood before they decide to buy or rent a house? It is also observed that the cost of homes near better-performing schools is 20% to 36% higher than the properties far away. If you are one of those people who prioritize purchasing a home in the proximity of a quality high school, then this guide is for you.  

Our real estate experts have done some research to find out the best high schools in Ottawa. We have also found important information about these best Ottawa high schools like: 

  • Attendance boundary¬†
  • School ratings
  • Enrollment information
  • Facilities and resources
  • Programmes and services


These best public high schools in Ottawa, Canada, that have made it to our list are free of cost. It is also to be noted that high Fraser Institute Score or ranking is not the only criteria for choosing the schools for this list. Some of the schools that have made it to our list offer excellent catholic education (No. 6 and 7) or are known for their IB program (No.1) or their trades programs (No. 10) 

Depending on your unique situation and preferences, you can choose a school that you like and look for a house in the neighbourhood. 

Table of Contents

Elementary Schools and Education in Ottawa

Before we list our top elementary schools, let us briefly discuss the various options for elementary education in Ottawa. Parents can choose a school depending on their preference for a school board, an educational program or the special needs of their child. 

There are four publicly-funded school boards: English Public, English Catholic, French Public and French Catholic. The list of their maps and schools is given below: 

There are also some excellent private schools in Ottawa too (1 of them is a part of our list). Many parents prefer them for certain reasons like their religious education program or their support for special needs children.  

The schools can choose to offer one or more of the following elementary education programs: 

  1. English Program With Core French 
  2. Early French Immersion Program 
  3. Middle French Immersion Program
  4. Alternative Program With Core French 

Some parents prefer a school for an outstanding education program they are running e.g. alternative program. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s get to what you came here for! Here’s a list of the top 8¬† ino elementary schools in Ottawa.¬†

Rockcliffe Park Public School

Fraser Ranking: 8.2
Address: 350 Buena Vista Rd, Rockcliffe Park, ON K1M 1C1, Canada

Phone: +1 613-749-5387
Founded: 1922
Principal: Brian Chiasson

Feeder schools: Queen Elizabeth Public School, Lisgar Collegiate Institute, Elmwood School (private), Ashbury College (private) 

Attendance Boundary:  
JK to 6 English Program with Core French Attendance Boundary 
JK to 6 Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary    

It is one of the best schools in Ottawa. Known for educating the children of politicians, royal family members, and ambassadors, the school has a great history. Some of the most notable students of the school are Princess Beatrix and Princess Irene from the Dutch Royal Family, children of the former prime minister Stephen Harper, and children of Pierre Trudeau and John Turner. Actor Matthew Perry also attended the school. They offer an English stream program, as well as an Early French Immersion. The student population is around 400. 

Academic Programs and Learning Support

  • Full-day Bilingual Kindergarten (JK-SK): In this program, 50% of instruction is offered in English, and the rest of the 50% of instruction is offered in French.¬†
  • English Program with Core French (Grades 1-6): Instruction is offered in the English language in all subject areas. Instruction in French is offered through Core French (40 minutes daily).
  • Early French Immersion (Grades 1-6): In grade 1, students receive 80% of instruction in French. In grades 2-6, students receive 60% of instruction in French.


Students with specialized learning needs and multilingual learners are offered support through:

  • Learning Support Teacher (LST)
  • Learning Resource Teacher (LRT)
  • Educational Assistants for one-on-one and in-class support
  • In-class support from the Special Education team (English and French)
  • English as a Second Language (Kindergarten to Grade 6)
  • All Special Education and English Language Learners are fully integrated into the regular classrooms.¬†


  • Wheelchair access
  • A library/resource center
  • Computer technology in every class¬†
  • Two gyms
  • A soccer pitch and running track¬†
  • A primary play structure
  • A fenced Kindergarten yard and play structure¬†

School Clubs

  • Robotics & Coding Club (winter)
  • Calm and Stretch (Yoga and Relaxation)
  • Drama Club (soon to start)
  • Sports and Intramural
  • Lego Club
  • Cross Country Running (in the Fall)
  • Reading Club
  • Gardening
  • Drawing Club¬†


  • They welcome over 400 students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 6
  • They offer full-day bilingual Kindergarten, an English program with Core French, and Early French Immersion.
  • After grade 6, students attend Queen Elizabeth Public School and York Street Public School for grades 7 and 8. Both middle schools are exceptional.¬†
  • There is an annual Rockcliffe Park Book Fair fundraiser hosted by the school and organized by the School Council every fall.


  • None¬†

The following are the two best schools offering an outclass French immersion program. According to a survey, 70% of Canadians believe that bilingualism improves employment opportunities for their children. That is why the French Immersion Program is preferred by many parents in Ottawa.  

Devonshire Community Public School

Fraser Ranking: 8.3 

Address: 100 Breezehill Ave N, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2H5
Phone: 613-749-5387

Principal: Andrea White

Attendance Boundary:  
JK to 6 Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary 

It is one of the best schools known for its French immersion program. Most of the students join the school at the age of 4 with little or no French language skills. As they progress, they become more fluent. The school is known to develop social responsibility, critical thinking skills, creativity, and academic growth. Many parents and students value the culture of cooperation that exists here. Some of the yearly traditions include Family Barbecue, Winter Carnival, Fun Day, skating at the Tom Brown Arena and the Annual Spring Book Sale. These events bring together parents, children, staff and the community. The parental community is also a part of Soup and Bread evenings during the winter. 

Academic Programs and Learning Support

  • Single‚Äźtrack Early French Immersion
  • JK‚ÄźRegular English Program
  • SK to Grade 6 ‚Äź Early French Immersion
  • SK and Grade 1 ‚Äź 100% French programs

In Grade 2, English is introduced and accounts for 20% of the program in Grades 2 and 3 and 40% in Grades 4, 5 and 6. In Grades 4, 5 and 6, English Language Arts and Mathematics are taught in English.

  • Resource unit ‚Äź enrichment and remediation
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • Learning Support Consultant, Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, Itinerant ESL teacher, Occupational Therapist and Psychologist are available to assist staff and assess students.

Clubs and Activities

  • Skating
  • Soccer and volleyball teams
  • Yoga
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Cross‚Äźcountry running/track and field teams
  • Spirit days
  • School concerts/plays
  • Milk program/Pizza program
  • Ski Club
  • Knitting Club
  • Bilingual choir
  • Newspaper club (The Dragon)
  • Cultural presentations
  • Dance, drama and environmental clubs
  • Public speaking
  • Winter Carnival
  • Twinning with Makina Baptist School


  • ¬†Excellent French education¬†
  • Good Fraser ranking¬†
  • Strong sense of community among parents and teachers.¬†


  • Less focus on English¬†
Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School

Fraser ranking: 8.6 

Address: 170 Stoneway Drive, Nepean, ON K2G 6R2

Phone (613) 825-8600 | Fax (613) 825-6872
Email: adrienneclarksones@ocdsb.ca

Principal: Pete Veurtjes
Founded in: 2001 
School board: Ottawa Carleton District School Board

Feeder schools: Longfield-Davidson Heights Secondary School  

Attendance boundary 
JK to 6 English Program with Core French and Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary 
Grades 4 to 6 Middle French Immersion Attendance Boundary 

This school has an outstanding French immersion program too. Besides academic programs, the school runs several clubs and activities. They also have a great EFL program.  

Clubs and Activities

  • Jr. Soccer
  • Jr. Borden Ball
  • Jr. Volleyball
  • Jr. Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Cross country running¬†
  • Primary and Junior Choirs
  • Student Council,
  • ¬†PAL (Playground Activity Leaders)
  • Eco-School Club (recipient of Bronze accreditation)
  • Forest of Reading Club
  • Scrabble Club
  • Scrapbooking Club
  • Primary Storytelling and Junior Public Speaking in French and English
  • Visual Arts Club and annual ‘Artrageous Fair.’

Academic Programs And Learning Support

  • Regular English (JK-6)
  • Early French Immersion (SK-6)¬†
  • Middle French Immersion (4-6)
  • Students with special needs (including gifted) are supported in their class by the regular teacher, special education personnel and/or an Educational Assistant.¬†
  • ESL support teachers
  • Students requiring additional support are supported by a special education team based in the school.¬†
  • Assistive technology and computer software are used to improve learning.¬†


  • A body break/relaxation room.¬†
  • Access to soccer pitches and baseball diamonds
  • 2 separate, fully fenced yards, each with a play structure for kindergarten children.¬†
  • A large play structure and a basketball court are available for grades 1 to 6 students.¬†¬†
  • Children’s Village at Stoneway operates an extended day program within the school.
  • A double gym
  • A library with over 10,000 books.¬†
  • 2 computer labs¬†
  • 2 laptop carts¬†
  • Digital technology peripherals¬†
  • Wireless internet and an iPad cart.¬†


  • The high-quality French immersion program¬†
  • Excellent facilities¬†
  • Many students report that the teachers are quite professional and supportive.¬†


  • The building is a bit old and needs renovation.¬†
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Hopewell Avenue Public School

Fraser Ranking: 8 

Address: 17 Hopewell Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 2Y7

Phone (613) 239-2348 | Fax (613) 566-7354
Email: hopewellaveps@ocdsb.ca

Feeder schools: Glebe Collegiate, Canterbury High School or Lisgar Collegiate

Attendance Boundary: 

JK to 6 Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary  
JK to 6 English Program with Core French Attendance Boundary 
Grades 7 to 8 Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary 
Grades 7 to 8 English Program with Core French Attendance Boundary  
Grades 4 to 8 Middle French Immersion Attendance Boundary  

The school is located in Old Ottawa South. It started in the mid-1800s as a one-room log building and began to take its present form in 1910 as an eight-room school. Presently, Around 850 students study in the school.

Hopewell students actively participate in school-wide environmental activities such as litter-less lunches, milk container recycling, and green bins for paper towels. Science activities are focused on renewable energy. 

In 2015, the emerald ash beetle destroyed more than half of the trees in schoolyards. Later in the year, the school started a campaign called Every Leaf Counts to raise 200,000 dollars to raise money for a new yard. 

Similarly, in 2019, the school became a part of an initiative called “the blue community.” The “blue community” project aimed at creating awareness for water conservation.¬†

Clubs, Activities and Cultural Awareness Programs

  • I to WE club was renamed to the Take Action Group (TAG), and they have many subgroups
  • Earth club
  • Lunchtime intramural programming
  • Skating at Brewer Park as part of the Physical Education program
  • Music bands at the intermediate level
  • Science competitions for intermediate students
  • Math Club and Math Competitions for Intermediate Students
  • Caribou Math, Gauss Math, Canadian National Mathematics League
  • Student Council, Spirit Days
  • Drama club
  • Library club
  • Anti-Bullying School-Wide Initiatives
  • Progressive Discipline techniques focused on student responsibility and learning
  • Allergy Committee
  • Safety, security, first aid, CPR and emergency training procedures for all staff
  • Parental involvement in school (School Council, volunteers, guest speakers)
  • Cross-divisional activities (reading buddies, lunch monitors, patrols)
  • Cross-program activities
  • Staff and student-driven charitable community initiatives and environmental projects

Academic Programs and Learning Support

  • 50/50 English/French two-year kindergarten program
  • Regular English Program for grades 1-8
  • Early French Immersion program for grades 1-8¬†
  • Middle French Immersion program from grade 4 to grade 8
  • Behaviour Intervention Program (BIP)


  • Library Resource Center
  • Computer technology in each classroom
  • One computer lab
  • Three gyms and an exercise room
  • Music room with practice rooms
  • Music writing studio equipped with technology
  • Two science labs
  • Glebe Parents’ Day Care on site


  • Environmental awareness¬†
  • Dedicated teachers¬†
  • Good Fraser ranking.¬†


  • Some students complain that the food in the cafeteria is not good.¬†
Elmdale Public School

Fraser Ranking: 8.9 

Phone number: 613-728-4653

Founded in: 1928 

Attendance Boundary: 
JK to 6 Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary 

Elmdale Public School is known for the tradition of volunteering. It encourages active parent involvement in school council committees, fundraising events and extracurricular activities. A couple of years ago, hundreds of volunteers contributed 7,000 hours of support to benefit the school. Several events like Book Fests and bake sales are also being organized with the support of parent volunteers. The combined effort of parents and teachers has consistently improved the learning opportunities for students. 

Academic Programs and Learning Support

  • Early French Immersion (SK-6) The program offers 300 minutes a week of English instruction and 300 minutes of Math instruction (in English) in grades 2 to 6.
  • “Booster” programs are periodically available to selected students to address a specific skill gap.¬†
  • Assistive technology and computer software are increasingly being used to support student learning in the classroom.

Clubs and Activities

  • Primary Choir
  • Interscholastic soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross country and track and field
  • Kids Marathon participation
  • Outdoor skating at Fisher Park
  • Music Monday Celebration and Yearyear-end Talent Show
  • Art and Literacy Caf√© showcasing student Art and Writing
  • Annual Bookfest
  • Fun Fair
  • Fundraising for charitable organizations
  • ‘recycling elves’
  • Character Club
  • Craft Club led by parent volunteers
  • Reading clubs


  • A gymnasium¬†¬†
  • A well-equipped library¬†
  • Improved playgrounds¬†
  • Refurbished computer lab
  • Computer labs¬†
  • Laptop carts¬†
  • Digital technology peripherals¬†
  • Wireless internet and an iPad car


  • A well-equipped and well-maintained facility¬†
  • High-quality education¬†
  • The facility is frequently renovated and updated.¬†


  • None¬†
Churchill Alternative School

Fraser Ranking: 6.2 

Adress: 345 Ravenhill Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2A 0J5

Phone (613) 722-4474 | Fax (613) 722-5655
Email: churchillalt@ocdsb.ca

Founded in: 1984 

Attendance boundary: 
JK to 6 Alternative Program with Core French Attendance Boundary 

Students in the Alternative Program receive instruction in English in all subject areas as well as instruction in French. The program is founded on the tenets of cooperative and non-competitive environments, innovative and differentiated approaches to teaching and learning, differentiated assessment and evaluation, child-centred and directed approaches to learning, multi-age groupings, integrated curriculum, and extended family and community involvement. 

The school stands out due to an outstanding Alternative program. The special education team includes a learning support teacher, learning resource teachers, educational assistants and classroom teachers. They work collaboratively to provide support for students. 

Academic Programs and Learning Support

English/Core French Alternative Program-Teaching philosophy focuses on group activities and allows students to engage in cross-curricular and multi-age groupings and activities. 

Clubs and Activities

  • Tree Families – Monthly theme days where students across grades work together on projects
  • Reading buddies across various grades
  • Dancemania
  • School of Rock¬†
  • Primary choir
  • Kinder choir
  • Ukulele club
  • Guitar Club
  • Art Club
  • Games & Lego club
  • Makerspace
  • Back to Nature/Pollinator Garden team
  • Compost team
  • Food Bank team
  • French club
  • Alternative sports and intramurals (e.g., Borden ball; triple ball) – Note: Sports focus on cooperation and all students who are interested are encouraged to participate (i.e., there are no tryouts)
  • Run Club¬†
  • Spirit Days and Weeks

Facilities and Resources

  • A modern gym¬†
  • A stage and kitchen facilities¬†
  • Library¬†
  • Tutorial/ testing areas¬†
  • Play area¬†
  • Sand area¬†
  • Basketball hooves¬†
  • Winter sports¬†


  • Dedicated teachers.¬†¬†
  • The facility is well maintained.¬†
  • The alternative education program meets the expectation of most of the students.¬†


  • The bathrooms are outdated and unclean.¬†
  • The staff doesn’t provide enough support to the children with special needs.¬†
Ahlul Bayt Islamic School

Fraser Ranking: 10 

Phone: 613-526-0774 
Email: info@abischool.com

Adress: 3025 Albion Road North, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 9V9, Canada

Known for outstanding academic performance, and Islamic education, Ahlul Bait is a private, not-for-profit school. Their curriculum follows the guidelines of the Ottawa Carleton District Board, besides teaching the Quran and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) according to Shia teachings. Their focus is promoting good morals and Islamic values. They also perform weekly congregational prayer every Friday. 

Academic Programs and Learning Support

  • Full-day JK and SK programs¬†
  • French as a second language starting from JK
  • Full-day JK and SK programs, with daily French language periods
  • Enrichment and remediation as field trips and active sports programs, and Lunch hour interest clubs
  • Arabic is taught by native speakers¬†


  • Private school discipline and work ethics
  • Qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers providing continuous monitoring of student progress
  • Islamic environment promoting good morals and behaviour


  • Some parents complain that the school doesn’t prepare kids for the multicultural environment in a Canadian university/college. They don’t adjust easily.¬†
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St Cecilia Catholic School

Fraser ranking: 7.7

Adress: 3490 Cambrian Rd, Nepean K2J 0V1

Email: Cecilia@ocsb.ca
Phone: 613-692-6164
Fax: 613-692-0073

Principal: Jody Prevost 

Feeder school: St. Joseph High School.

Attendance boundary

The school is located in Nepean and belongs to the Ottawa Catholic School Board. The language of instruction is English. The school aims to instill the Christian values of responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence. The school also aims to incorporate global competencies of citizenship, character, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity in its education system. 

Clubs and Activities


  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Jr. Track and Field
  • Gymnastics
  • Badminton
  • Handball
  • Lacrosse


  • Choir
  • Green Squad (Twitter)
  • ECO Club
  • Tech Connectors
  • Peer Mediators
  • Art Club
  • French Club
  • Radio Show Club


  • We Scare Hunger
  • Jump Rope For Heart
  • Dance-A-Thon
  • Dance Showcase
  • Winter Play Day
  • Summer Play Day
  • Terry Fox Run


  • Good facilities, e.g. a well-maintained building, wifi and a library¬†
  • Dedicated teachers¬†
  • Lunch Program¬†
  • Good transportation program¬†
  • Weekly services at St. Joseph High School¬†


  • Some of the students complained that the school doesn’t have a strict anti-bullying policy.¬†


If you’re raising children, you should live near one of the best elementary schools in Ottawa. It will help your kids to become well-rounded, book-smart, and life-smart young adults. They can also make friends and connections that will serve them later on in their careers. Work with a team of focused, reliable and expert real estate agents to help you find a house close to your favourite elementary school.¬†


It depends on your preferences. Choose a school depending on the board of education, budget or program of education. Sometimes people choose an elementary school depending on the intermediate school that accepts students from that particular school.

Yes. Many public schools in Ottawa are known for their high-quality education and co-curricular activities. 

Kapapamahchakwew – Wandering Spirit Scho Junior Senior has the lowest Fraser ranking.

  • What is the Fraser ranking of Jack Donohue Public School?

It is located in Beaverbrook in North Kanata. The school has an early French immersion centre that welcomes students from Kindergarten to grade 6.

If we calculate the Orleans living expenses for an individual, it would be approximately $1790. If a person plans to save money or enjoy some luxuries, then the estimated monthly living cost would be between $2500 to $3000 for a single person.

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