Ottawa Real Estate Predictions 2024 – Ottawa Real Estate Market

Buying a house in Ottawa seems hard. The market in 2024 might change that. This post looks at prices, areas to watch, and tips for buyers. Keep reading to find out more!

Key Takeaways

  • Ottawa’s real estate market faced¬†big price jumps¬†in 2022, but saw prices drop to between $660k and $665k in 2023. This change made homes more affordable.

  • Interest rates might go up or down in 2024. If they fall, it could make buying houses easier and boost the suburbs like Kanata and Orleans.

  • First¬†– time buyer products will help people get onto the property ladder in 2024. This is good news for those dreaming of owning a home.

  • Areas to the west and south of Ottawa could see growth with¬†new home building. This means more space and jobs in construction.

  • Investing in properties with several units can offer better cash flow compared to single¬†– home properties, providing multiple sources of income every month

Table of Contents

Overview of Ottawa Real Estate Market in 2022 and 2023

In 2022, Ottawa’s real estate market saw a big jump in prices. By the end of 2022 and into 2023, it got tough due to high loan costs.

Unprecedented surge in 2022

Homes in Ottawa saw prices soaring beyond expectations in 2022. Many sold for $100,000 to $200,000 over their asking prices. This surge was unlike anything the Ottawa real estate market had seen before.

The need for open houses vanished as sellers received multiple offers without them. This was due to a combination of the frenzied market and COVID-19 restrictions.

Ottawa's housing market hit record highs,
with homes going far above asking price.

Tough market in autumn of 2022 and 2023

The Ottawa real estate market faced challenges in the autumn of 2022. Prices for dwellings soared way above asking rates earlier, making it hard for buyers to keep up. As interest rates climbed in 2023, many found themselves unable to afford a new home.

This change affected half of the market, hitting first-time purchasers and current dwelling sales hard.

By 2023, the¬†average price for a residence¬†dropped to between $660k and $665k. The¬†number of homes sold fell sharply¬†compared to before. This downtrend showed how¬†rising borrowing costs¬†and a¬†slow investment market¬†troubled both sellers and buyers in Ottawa’s housing scene.

Impact of rising interest rates

Following a tough market period, rising interest rates have deeply impacted the Ottawa real estate scene. Homes in Ottawa fetched prices $100,000 to $200,000 above asking due to these climbing rates in 2022.

This surge made half of the market slow down, especially on the city’s outskirts where sales dwindled significantly.

Interest rate hikes mean buyers face higher monthly payments, pushing some out of the market. Sellers too feel the pinch as baby boomers struggle to get their expected home value. With mortgage costs going up, both buying and selling homes in Ottawa require careful planning and budgeting.

Housing Prices and Market Conditions

In 2023, the cost of homes in Ottawa went down. People expect things to get back to normal next year.

Drop in average home price in 2023

The¬†average home price¬†in Ottawa saw a¬†decrease in 2023, settling between $660k and $665k. This was a notable drop from the previous year’s high of $691,000. Such shifts often point to¬†changes in buyer and seller behaviours¬†as well as the¬†overall health of the real estate market.

After years of soaring prices, the Ottawa housing market found new footing, mirroring conditions last seen in 2019.

This correction brought back regular sales activity to the market. Buyers began feeling more confident about finding homes within their budgets. Sellers adjusted their expectations too, understanding that setting realistic prices could quicken sales.

Return to normal market conditions in 2023

The Ottawa real estate landscape showed signs of balancing out after a period of volatility.

In 2023, Ottawa’s¬†real estate market¬†found its balance again. After a year of¬†high prices, the cost for homes fell to between $660k and $665k. This drop made many people¬†eager to buy or sell houses.

Sales became regular once more, showing signs of a stable

Forecast for 2024 housing market

market¬†that we hadn’t seen in a while.

My friend tried selling his house during this time and noticed the change first-hand. He saw¬†more buyers interested¬†in his listing than before. For him, it was clear ‚Äď Ottawa’s housing scene was¬†back on steady ground, making deals easier to close without the rush or delay seen in previous years.

The 2024 Ottawa real estate market looks set for a balanced pace. Experts see a shift with homes available lasting four to six months before selling. This balance means neither buyers nor sellers have the upper hand for most properties.

Yet, some Ottawa areas might favour buyers or sellers more, thanks to new buildings popping up.

Interest rate changes play a big role too. Everyone hopes rates will fall, sparking a lively market in summer and autumn. Affordable homes are drawing people to outskirts like Kanata and Orleans, which could bounce back with lower interest rates.

My time working in these suburbs has shown me how eager families are for such shifts, eyeing better deals outside city centres.

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Factors Affecting the 2024 Market

Several things will shape the Ottawa real estate market in 2024. Changes in borrowing costs, new options for first-time property buyers, and a push for more budget-friendly homes play big roles.

Keep reading to discover how these elements will stir up the housing scene next year.

Potential changes in interest rates

Interest rates might go up or down in 2024. This can change how much you pay for a loan to buy a house in Ottawa. If rates go down, more people will want to buy homes. This could make the summer and fall a busy time for buying houses.

For those thinking of getting their first home,¬†changes in interest rates¬†are key. Lower rates mean loans cost less over time. This is good news if you’re looking to step into your first property.

But remember, if rates rise, it could be harder and more expensive to borrow money for anyone wanting to enter the housing market without waiting for rate drops.

First-time home buyer products are set to make a big splash in 2024. With changing interest rates, these products will help many get their first house. They offer support and can open doors to the property ladder that seemed locked before.

For people dreaming of owning a home, this is great news. I’ve seen friends leap into homeownership thanks to these helpful schemes.

Owning your first home might be closer than you think.

Areas like Kanata, Stittsville, Barrhaven, and Orleans are on the rise again for newcomers to real estate. The desire for smaller houses is growing too. More people want

Shift towards more affordable properties

More people are choosing cheaper homes in the Ottawa housing market. High mortgage rates have made expensive areas less popular. Now, buyers eye smaller, more budget-friendly options outside the city center.

This change helps many first-time homeowners get into the market.

I’ve seen this shift myself while looking for a home. Affordable properties are not just small flats but also include¬†townhouses on the outskirts¬†of Ottawa. The demand for these types of homes is growing as they offer a balance between price and space.

Regional Market Expectations

Homes in the suburbs might see a rise in demand if interest rates fall. Some areas could also see more new houses being built, leading to a boom.

Potential rebound of suburbs with rate drops

Suburbs like Kanata, Stittsville, Barrhaven, and Orleans may see a big change once interest rates fall. These areas have seen their share of ups and downs. Yet, with lower interest rates on the horizon, many predict a strong rebound.

This is great news for those looking to invest or find a new home in these communities. The drop in rates could make buying homes more affordable for many people.

A shift in interest rates can transform the market landscape overnight.

To the west and south of Ottawa, places like Riverside South and Findlay Creek are gearing up for growth. With

Expected boom in certain areas with new home building

Areas to the west and south of Ottawa, like Riverside South and Findlay Creek, are set for rapid growth. Builders are eyeing these places for new homes because people want more space.

This means lots of jobs in construction and a boost for local shops. Buyers looking at these spots could get a great deal now. With interest rates high today, prices might jump soon.

This boom brings exciting times for real estate in Ottawa’s outskirts. As building speeds up, it could change how we think about¬†living outside the city centre. Next, let’s explore challenges and opportunities this¬†market shift¬†creates for buyers and sellers.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers

For sellers, the market presents tough times with unsure property investors. Buyers find chances in properties with several units for better cash flow.

Tough market for traditional real estate investors

Traditional real estate investors found it hard to make money in 2023. Rising interest rates and a smaller market made things difficult. Half of the market disappeared, making competition fierce for those left.

Investors had to look for new ways to succeed. Some turned to multi-door dwellings instead of single-family homes, aiming for better cash flow. This shift meant rethinking strategies and adapting quickly in a changing landscape.

Opportunities for positive cash flow from multi-door properties

Investing in properties with several living spaces can bring more money over time. These places let owners collect rent from many tenants instead of just one. This way, they get different sources of income every month.

The money made this way helps pay off loans and other costs.

Owning such estates also means one can save on upkeep and management by dealing with them all together rather than one by one. They usually earn more rent compared to single-home properties, leading to better profits for the owner.

Getting into this type of estate investment could mean¬†higher gains¬†for those looking to expand their portfolio in Ottawa’s real estate market.

Unique challenges for baby boomers and older homeowners

Baby boomers and older homeowners face tough times in the Ottawa housing market. Selling homes for less than they hoped is a big problem. Costs for retirement living places are going up too.

They need to pick the right time to sell, set the right price, and make their houses look better to do well in 2024.

Older people often find these steps hard. They may not know how much work their house needs or how to price it right without help. Advice from experts can make a big difference, letting them move on with confidence.


The 2024 Ottawa housing market looks set to offer something for everyone. With interest rates expected to fall, areas around the city could see a boost, especially in places ready for new homes.

First-time buyers should get excited about more affordable options becoming available. Investors will need to watch the market closely but could find good deals if they choose wisely.

All things considered, next year promises an interesting time for anyone looking to buy or sell in Ottawa.


2. Are there any predictions for the entire Ontario housing market in the next five years?

Yes, experts have made a city-by-city Canadian house price forecast, including Ontario, predicting how the housing market might change in the next five years.

While some predict fluctuations in the Ottawa real estate market, it’s uncertain when or if house prices will significantly drop.

The average house price in Ottawa is part of a broader trend seen across Ontario, with variations depending on neighbourhoods and overall market conditions.

Predictions about rent prices dropping are mixed, but they generally follow trends within the broader housing market predictions for 2023 and beyond into 2024.

There is speculation about various scenarios within the real estate news today; however, definitive claims about an imminent Ottawa housing market crash remain speculative without concrete evidence from up-to-date real estate stats.

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